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There has been MANY failures MANY mistakes along the way and i'm still learning now to this very day...

I started this brand, tribe, business whichever you would like to call it i honestly cant pinpoint one word to explain... it all started in 2018, i was sick of the same clothes for my boys nothing that felt great just the same stuff over and over and over so i decided to make them a few t-shirts... it kinda just grew from here....

There has been MANY failures MANY mistakes along the way and i'm still learning now to this very day but i am so incredibly grateful and blessed for the support from every one of you for not only buying my designs but helping me grow, helping me calm when i panic about mistakes i've made keeping me in tact, honestly could not POSSIBLY have done it without this gorgeous community!


When covid hit my hair salon couldn't work, i had no income two boys and a mortgage so i decided to take a chance on this brand and see how i could grow it. I also started seeing the negative affect covid and lockdowns had on my two boys and really incorporated mindfullness into our daily activities (something i had never ever done before) 

Never in my wildest dreams did i ever think that i would fall in love with working, but seriously i did!! I loved waking up everyday and chatting to people on facebook or instagram, i loved the community i was building online, it was honestly incredible and i think that everyone of us not just myself really needed that in that time...

We compared notes on what to do with the kids, we compared our worries, our stress, our happy times we bounced off each other throughout the entire lockdown/ covid period and this continued afterwards...

This is honestly when i KNEW i knew i had to continue this not for the money not for the sales but for the benefit mentally that i was getting and i heard saw and felt the people around me were getting also...

Then my designs started taking a turn from just fun to a vibe!! A true honest vibe that reflected not just me and adults but tiny little minds that had felt so crappy about life and themselves during such a shitty period.

And SO.... here we are almost 5 years later WOAH

My goals weren't clear at the beginning and they aren't 100% clear now but all i do know is...

- i want to create and spread as much positivity in the world of our kids as much as i possibly can

- i want kids to feel great when they go out

- i want kids to share their vibes with everyone around them AND

- i want them to feel cool, look cool, be cool IN THEIR OWN EPIC WAY

Because everyone is different... no one is the same and they need to know thats not negative its so great and what makes them such RAD little individuals 


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