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20 Things you can try to calm down kids tantrums

, by SAND N SALT KIDS, 3 min reading time

20 beach-inspired calm down strategies for your little ones.

  1. Hug It Out, Surfer Style: Nothing beats a big, snug hug to feel anchored and safe. It's like a warm, cozy beach towel after a swim!

  2. Breathe Like You're Blowing Seashells: Imagine smelling the ocean breeze and blowing bubbles into the sea. Three deep breaths can turn a tidal wave of emotions into gentle ripples.

  3. Counting the Waves: Like counting the waves hitting the shore, have your kiddo count as high as they can to engage their "thinking brain" and calm the "emotional brain".

  4. Sip Some Chilly Ocean Water: Just like a refreshing dip in the ocean, a cold drink can help calm the nerves. It's like a splash of cool water on a hot day!

  5. Back Rubs Like Ocean Waves: Gentle back rubs mimic the soothing motion of ocean waves, helping to release feel-good vibes.

  6. Clench and Release Like a Starfish: Teach your child to tense and release their fists, just like a starfish would. It's a great way to wash away tension!

  7. 5-4-3-2-1 Beach Explorer: Use this grounding technique to engage the senses. Spot 5 seashells, touch 4 grains of sand, hear 3 waves, smell 2 types of seaweed, taste 1 salty breeze!

  8. Ride the Wave of Positive Affirmations: Encourage your child to repeat positive affirmations, like "I'm as brave as a sea captain!"

  9. Find a Color in the Beach Rainbow: Pick a color and name all the beachy things around that match it. Maybe it's the blue of the ocean or the yellow of the sun!

  10. Sing Like a Sea Chantey: Let them sing out loud, maybe a song about pirates or mermaids, to help bring joy and calm.

  11. Worry Stone from the Shore: A small stone from the beach can be a great worry stone, helping them feel grounded like they have sandy feet.

  12. Splash Like You're in the Ocean: Splashing their face with cool water can be like a mini-ocean wave, calming and refreshing.

  13. Hum Like a Happy Dolphin: Humming can be as soothing as the sound of waves, bringing peace and calm.

  14. Push Palms Like Building a Sandcastle: Have them push their hands together firmly, noticing the tension like they're packing sand for a castle.

  15. Jumping Jacks in the Sand: Let them burn off that adrenaline with some beachy jumping jacks. It's like hopping over waves!

  16. Visualize a Happy Beach Day: Encourage them to close their eyes and picture a perfect day at the beach to feel instantly calmer.

  17. Count Backwards Like a Lifeguard's Countdown: Counting backwards from 100 requires focus and helps switch off those stress signals.

  18. Hang Upside Down Like a Monkey at the Jungle Gym: Find a safe spot to hang upside down, just like they're playing on the beach's jungle gym.

  19. Gargle Like a Whale: Gargling water can calm the nerves. It's like chatting with a whale!

  20. Self-Hug Like a Snug Beach Towel: Teach them to give themselves a big, tight hug, wrapping up like they're cocooning in a beach towel.

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