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Why kids aged under 14 don't need homework

, by SAND N SALT KIDS, 2 min reading time

"No Homework? More Fun! Why Kids Under 14 Might Just Need to Play More" 🎈📚

Hey there, amazing Sand 'n' Salt families! Let's chat about something that might make your evenings a tad more relaxed - why kids under 14 might not really need homework. Yep, you heard that right! Let's dive in with our beach ball and find out why!

Homework? More Like No-Work!

Homework might seem like the anchor of learning, but guess what? For our little beachcombers under 14, it might not be as crucial as we think. Parenting pro Justin Coulson says there's no hardcore science waving a flag for homework in their lives. It's like building a sandcastle with dry sand – not much sticks!

Teachers and Homework: Not Always Besties

Teachers, our everyday heroes, aren't always fans of homework. It's like having an extra beach bag to carry – more to organize, more to check. They'd rather spend that time making learning as fun as a day at the beach!

Homework = Stress? No, Thanks!

For our kiddos, homework can be like a high tide of stress, especially after a full day of brain surfing at school. Maybe letting them call it a day when they're home is the ticket to more smiles and less frowns.

Family Time vs. Homework Time

Homework can snatch away precious time for other awesome activities. Think music lessons, bike rides, or just being a happy-go-lucky kid. Family time is treasure time, and we don't want homework to bury it!

Curiosity – Don't Let Homework Douse It

If we want our kids to be curious explorers, homework might not be the best captain of that ship. If they get it in school, why repeat it at home? And if they don't, well, repeating it might not help much.

The 'Learning Habits' Myth

Waiting until they're 14 or 15 to start with the homework routine might just be fine. Kids are adaptable little starfish; they can learn new habits when they really need them.

Homework Might Not Be Learning's Best Friend

Yep, you read that right. Homework might actually steer kids away from loving learning. We want them to surf the waves of knowledge, not get caught in a homework riptide.

Exceptions to the 'No Homework' Rule: Reading and Projects

Alright, there are a couple of cool exceptions. Encouraging reading and engaging in interesting projects can be like finding a seashell on the shore – totally worth it. Let them dive into books and explore projects that spark their interest like a beachside treasure hunt.

So, What's the Plan for This Afternoon?

How about we skip the homework and go for some fun instead? Play a game, cook up a storm, or read a fantastic story. It's all about making memories, not filling out worksheets.

Homework or Play? You Decide!

Whether it's a no-homework policy or finding a balance, remember, every family's beach is different. Choose what makes your family's time as sunny and joyful as possible!

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