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Beach Crafts for Rainy Days: Bringing the Ocean Indoors

, by SAND N SALT KIDS, 4 min reading time

Hey there, SAND + SALT families! Is the rain spoiling your beach day plans? Don't let a little water from the sky dampen your spirits. Let's bring the beach vibes into your home with some fun, eco-friendly DIY crafts that you and your little ones can enjoy together. These sustainable, ocean-themed activities are perfect for those days when the beach is just a dream away.

Driftwood Dream Catchers

Materials: Driftwood, string, beads, feathers (all eco-friendly and ethically sourced)

Get started by finding a nice piece of driftwood, which will serve as the top of your dream catcher. Tie strings of various lengths to it, and let your kids thread beads onto the strings. Add a few feathers at the bottom for that soft, beachy feel. Hang these dream catchers in their rooms to catch all their sweet ocean dreams!

Shell-Decorated Picture Frames

Materials: Wooden picture frames, seashells, non-toxic glue, paint

Gather some seashells from your last beach trip (or buy them from a sustainable source). Let your kids paint a wooden picture frame in their favorite colors. Once the paint dries, they can glue the shells around the frame. Insert a family beach photo, and voilà – you've got a beautiful, beachy memory keeper!

Ocean in a Bottle

Materials: Glass bottles, water, blue food coloring, cooking oil, glitter, small sea creatures toys

Fill a glass bottle halfway with water and add a few drops of blue food coloring. Then, fill the rest of the bottle with cooking oil. Add some glitter and small sea creature toys for an ocean effect. Seal the bottle tight and let your kids shake it to create their own stormy or calm seas.

Recycled Fish Art

Materials: Old CDs, buttons, googly eyes, colored paper, glue

Time to put those old CDs to good use! Cut out a fish shape from colored paper and glue it onto the CD. Add a googly eye and use buttons or smaller pieces of paper to create scales. These shiny fish can be hung on walls or from the ceiling to create an underwater feel in any room.

Sand Clay Handprints

Materials: Sand, flour, salt, warm water, mixing bowl

Mix together 2 cups of sand, 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of salt, and ¾ cup of warm water to create a dough-like consistency. Roll out the dough and help your children press their handprints into it. Let it dry for a day or two, and you have a lasting memory of their little hands and a piece of the beach!

Message in a Bottle

Materials: Small bottles, paper, string

Have your kids write a message, a poem about the sea, or a fun summer memory on a piece of paper. Roll up the paper, tie it with a string, and place it in a small bottle. These can serve as cute decorations or heartfelt gifts for family members.

Seashell Wind Chimes

Materials: Seashells, driftwood, string, drill (for adult use)

Drill small holes in a variety of seashells. Tie these shells at different lengths of string from a piece of driftwood. Hang this natural, musical piece of art where it can catch the breezes – a lovely reminder of the sea's song.

Beach Sand Footprints

Materials: Cardboard, glue, sand

Cut out a footprint shape from cardboard. Spread glue all over it and let your kids sprinkle sand on top. Once dry, you’ve got a footprint in the sand that won’t wash away!

Sea Creature Sock Puppets

Materials: Old socks, felt, googly eyes, glue

Turn old socks into adorable sea creature puppets. Use felt to create fins, tails, and other features. Add googly eyes, and let the undersea puppet show begin!

Ocean-themed Collage

Materials: Blue paper, magazines, glue, scissors

Have your kids cut out ocean-themed pictures from old magazines and arrange them on a blue paper to create an aquatic collage. This activity is great for their creativity and understanding of the ocean world.

So there you have it – a treasure trove of beach-themed crafts to keep you and your little ones connected to the ocean, even on the rainiest days. These activities are not just fun; they're a great way to reinforce the importance of sustainability and recycling. Happy crafting, and remember, every day is a beach day with a little imagination! 🌊🐚

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