What a ride

In 2018 that’s when this crazy ride began… I still shake my head in shock where this rad little brand has taken me… It was just a normal day at home with me trying to find something for my boys to wear out for lunch… getting frustrated by everything they had being ‘boring’ and just all looking ‘the same’

The day ended with me laying in bed that night googling how to make my own prints to iron on t-shirts … super long story short this is where it all began … I started with my very first super simple design using fonts from Adobe spark ‘little grom’ I thought of this one because it really suited my boys and where I live ‘Phillip island, Victoria’ with all the surfing the skating the jetty jumping and the sand board surfing even when it’s freezing cold in winter. I bought a cricut machine from spotlight and heatpress and it all began in my spare room🤍

I would never ever have thought that something i just ‘thought of’ would be the beginning of something that became my full time job! I was previously a hair salon owner/ hairdresser which I’ve since quit doing as this business is my full time passion.

Short version…
I created the tees for my kids, they wore them, people asked about them, I created a Instagram page, then a website, started using blank tees then went onto creating my own tees, towels, boardshorts and slides

This had and has become a complete dream Come true!! 
The awesome part is I can work from home, not in my spare room anymore but in my own 10m studio at the back of my home (thank gosh I bought a house with a huge garden) I’m still home when the kids need me, I can print and pack while they play basketball and work while still being ‘mum’ I’m so forever grateful for this business and the freedom and joy is has and continues to bring me.

Stay tuned big things to come … ain’t no stopping me now 😉 

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