Bye bye to 2021… 2020…

Wow what a year… actually what a past 2 years+
covid lockdowns, border closures, business growth, home schooling… what a bloody ride!!

i don’t no about you guys but far out have I struggled! My anxiety went from 0 to 100 during the lockdowns and the only thing that kept me sane honestly was this business cos I just HAD to keep moving and showing up… 

Between mediation, Long hot showers, baths, essential oils and a few cheeky drinks I don’t think I would have made it through the last few years 😂 

You guys have been my rocks, my online friends through this business have kept me going soo Thank you 😘 

You’ve all seen the memes about what happens when you buy from a small business ‘happy dance’ let me tell you it’s bloody true!!! It can change our entire day/ week and sometimes honestly it’s been what’s kept me going 🤍

2022 is shaping to be huge for my little business

Being featured online ‘the iconic’, creating a EPIC new collection, turnaround times completely changing for the better 😉, and the range extending more into adults as requested… 

I’m taking a little break with my family taking off with the boat on Boxing Day for a week to let the kids wakeboard, kneeboard and get flung around on the biscuit 😂  while I sit and do NOTHING but soak in the sun, the sand and the GIN 😆

May you all have the most amazing Christmas and New Years ever!!! 
See you in 20-22 legends 🤙🏼 

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